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Hello, and thank you stopping by and checking out our small, independent business - based in West Yorkshire!

My name is Sarah, and as well as running and managing the ChildLedPlay shop from home, I am also a Mum to three cheeky monkeys, a qualified Primary School Teacher specialising in the EYFS, Freelance Writer and Blogger over at - where I share play-based learning  ideas and information.

I am hugely passionate about child-led learning, and I firmly believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn through play for as long as possible! 

I love to set up exciting and stimulating invitations to play for my own children, and I have a love of natural and heuristic resources. was born from my desire to create and provide learning and resource opportunities for other children to enjoy within their own home or setting, and I absolutely love to see the photos and videos that customers have tagged me in on social media of the products in use!

Many of the products I have stocked have been carefully chosen to work on the early child development skills, the pre-requisites to writing or maths, by offering resources to help develop the pincer grip, build up the hand muscles or encourage early counting and one to one correspondence as well as being open ended enough for use in role-play. This does not mean that they aren't suitable for older children too! The beauty of loose parts and open ended resources are that their uses are so versatile - from a mathematical aid for an younger child, to a calming and focusing 'fidget' accessory even for adults.

We do feel that there are so many benefits for children to handle and experience natural items, but please do be aware of age warning on some items, particularly the smaller loose parts and natural items - they can be a choking hazard to children who are left unattended. 

Our products and packaging are eco conscious with minimal plastics wherever possible, and our prices are set to be as affordable as possible to allow for maximum play value for lots of children. As an allergy parent,  accessibility is important to me and this is the reason I have chosen to make all of our playdough gluten free*.  I hand-make many of the items in store myself and put your packages together with care. You can be sure that your purchase is making a real difference to a real person when you buy from us. 

On a more personal note, I am never without an emergency stash of dark chocolate (or a small person to share it with!) and I have an unhealthy obsession with buying play resources and heuristic items from local charity shops...if you suffer with either of these afflictions too, please say hello!!

Sarah x 

* Although we source gluten free ingredients, some of the ingredients we use to make our playdough may be manufactured in premises where allergens may be present. 


NB: Due to the current economic climate and increase in costs of raw mateials and utilities, we are currently only selling our digital downloads rather than physical stock.