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Midi - Curious spooky spell set

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A midi version of our most magical set yet!!  Spark curiosity and ignite imaginations using this curious spooky spell set...
Using real authentic and natural items, with glass containers - this set requires full adult involvement and supervision. Showing children how to manage risks and handle breakable item with care, they are able to explore these resources within a world of magic and wonder...

Limited number available to pre-order now. Please order this item separately to any other items unless you are happy for them all to be sent together at a later date.

This set includes:

  1. Tin of melted dragon (dough)
  2. Mini potion bottle of magical gem stones
  3. Pink dropper bottle of unicorn tears
  4. Mini cloche bell jar with a twist of magic
  5. Dried pumpkin
  6. 5 mini pumpkins
  7. Dried sweat crystals
  8. Bone powder

 Warning: 36m+ adult supervision required at all times - these are natural, authentic and breakable items.