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Cinderella stamp and playdough set

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This is a limited edition set with an RRP of £25. The stamp alone is £16 so you are getting the whole set for a real bargain.  Limited number available.

The stamp is brilliant for creating fabric prints (scroll across to see how this could look on a T shirt) or why not make some clay prints with your class and allow them to paint and decorate them all once dry?


  • LARGE Princess hand carved wooden stamp (15cm x 13cm x 3cm)
  • Large Felted decorative pumpkin with silver hanging stalk/loop
  • A pair of silicone glass slippers
  • 150g tin of gluten free playdough dusted with pale blue shimmer and a sprinkle of bio glitter. 


Please note - this product is suitable for 36months+ and children must be supervised at all times. 


Our hand carved wooden stamps are a perfect addition to playdough - but you can also use them for block printing, textiles and pottery clay...or just for small world play! Dab fabric paint or ink onto the stamp with a sponge and gently press onto your clothing or material to create an impression. Tip: place a layer of thin foam or a towel under the garment to create a ‘softer’ base to press the wood into.

Rinse gently under warm water only to wash away any excess dough before it dries and leave to air dry. If the wood starts to dry out, rub in a little olive oil to remoisturise. Please note - the white paint is a temporary impression and may wear off with use.