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Natural Sensory Treasure Basket

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This limited edition treasure basket is full of different smells and textures for children to explore using their senses. This is the perfect addition to sand and playdough for natural mark making as these items can be pressed and rolled to make imprints. Great for exploring balancing and building or ordering by size, here is some of the language you may like to explore together:

  • round/curved/straight
  • circle/sphere
  • rough/smooth/hairy/bumpy/grainy/hard/squashy
  • inside/into/onto/next to
  • smells like.../feels like..../ looks like....

Includes the following items:

  • natural coconut bowl with husk
  • cinnamon stick
  • small felt acorn (colour may vary)
  • orange slice
  • green orange
  • brunch ball
  • bell pod
  • palm ring

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